Cioccoshow 2021

Ready to start over?

18-21 November 2021 | Piazza XX Settembre Bologna

After a year of forced lockdown the handmade chocolate event comes back, in the name of the tastiness and particulary careful to anti-covid safety.

The appointment is set from Thursday the 18th to Sunday the 21st at Piazza XX Settembre and Via Galliera with the participation of about fourty exhibitors from all over the Country, a brand new floorplan which matches with the anti-covid requirements and with Pianeta Cacao where you will learn more about the ancient ways to produce cocoa’s products.

And on the Saturday the booths will be open until midnight.

At the booths you’ll find every kind of chocolate: dark, vegan, organic, bean to bar and much more.

The actual event will be dedicated to Renato Zoia and Luigi Laganà, well known chcocolate Masters and founders of Cioccoshow.

Cioccoshow is promoted by CNA Bologna and organized by Wydex – BolognaFiere Group

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