Ladies and Gentlemen we present you Pianeta Cacao

Davide Appendino’s project, single origine chocolate’s asrtisan from Turin, who is spreading the fascinating world of the bean to bar production a very loved raw product but not so known.

A fully dedicated to the cocoa World and its “Bean to Bar” production space where you will have the chance to touch with your hand the Cacao Pods, the fruits from which cocoa beans are exctracted, and to to learn all the steps which transform the raw product into the fine products that all we loved.

Pianeta Cacao, the big educational space set up within Cioccoshow, will host a small workshop for children and adults where they could learn, throught differents daily appointments, to manually temper the chocolate crafting their own bars to bring at home as souvenir.
Moreover during the whole lasting of the show, there will be an Ecuadorian cocoa producer who will explain the distinctives of the raw products from its original Country.

During the four days of the event we have scheduled interactive workshops to learn the techinque of the handmade chocolate temper.

It’s possible to reserve the free workshop on the following dates:

Thursday 18th of November: 12 am or 4 pm

Friday 19th of November: 12 am or 4 pm

Saturday 20th of November: 12 am or 3 pm or 5 pm

Sunday 21st of November: 12 am or 3 pm or 5 pm

The workshops are limited up to 9 persons therefore the booking it’s highly recommended writing your First and Last Name and no. of persons at

We’re waiting for you!!!